The Adult student is special at Lochwood. We understand that lessons as an adult are taken because of the love and desire of being a lifelong learner. Adults are not required to take lessons and it is a true love of the arts that drives adults to take lessons. We value your time and desire to learn and we give the adult learner lots of leverage
into determining the material that is prepared.

The adult learner is treated with respect in regards to their time and ability and teaching is done with a gentle touch as the teacher is a contemporary. Regardless of abilty, natural talent or previous lessons, lessons for the adult at Lochwood still work towards a foundation in strong technique and relaxation methods in order to learn and perform at an optimal level.

Lessons for the adult are centered on their personal goals and musical tastes. Material used in lessons is designed to be respectful of age and therefore is designed to be fun to play. As an adult, the adult is more in control of the lesson
with the teacher serving as guide and mentor.

Lochwood encourages its adult students to perform on recital, however, many times we offer adult only musical soirees so that adults will feel at ease performing for peers. For the adult student who loves to perform, we offer ensembles as well as a large ensemble in the form of the Sanford-Semionle Community Band. This is an excellent time to get together and have fun playing music of all periods with others who love to play.

All private lessons are available to the adult student and scheduling of lessons is flexible
to accommodate the working/retired adult.

Through music we may wander where we will in time, and find friends in every century --Helen Thompson