Students of a preschool and elementary age are started on the foundations of their chosen field. Regardless of the lesson choice, they are taught theory and technique to start their performing arts career off on the right foot.

For the voice student, this means that the student is given age-appropriate technique and music to perform. Young voice students are taught to use their voices properly, work on pitch matching and the fundamentals of theory and sighreading. The lessons are fun and light so that the child will enjoy learning.

For the young instrumentalist, the lessons consist of a strong foundation in the technique of their instrument, theory and sightreading as well as repertoire performance. Students are encouraged to begin performing within their first year of lessons during the monthly recitals. Duets are incorporated as soon as possible in order to have fun learning to maintain a steady pulse.

Some of Lochwood's private lessons available to the young beginner are ukulele, guitar, piano, voice and woodwind instruments. All private lessons are available to the young beginner including drama classes. Our drama classes for the elementary student focus on basic acting instructions including short scene work, monolouge practice and stage directions.

Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens. --Maria von Trapp