Annual Registration
$35 per student ($80 per family of 3+ students). This is due by the 5th of August. We will not be able to schedule your lessons until we receive this registration fee. This gives us time to work out nearly 200 student schedules for Fall. Registration fees are non-refundable. This registration fee is applied to group classes as well.

2016-2017 Youth Private Lesson Tuition

30-min lesson (same instrument)      $112 monthly (Aug-May)      $56.00 (June & July)
45-min lesson (same instrument)      $165 monthly (Aug-May)      $82.50 (June & July)
60-min lesson (same instrument)      $218 monthly (Aug-May)      $109.00 (June & July)
To keep things simple, tuition is divided into equal monthly payments -- regular rates for the school year and partial rates for the summer.

Monthly tuition is due on the 5th of each month to avoid a $15 late fee. Be on the lookout for payment options!

August tuition is due by the 20th of August. Because we start lessons in the middle of the month, we highly suggest getting this in by the 10th so that there is more time before the September payment is due.

Families have the option to pay the full year tuition via check or cash with a discount at the beginning of the year.

Youth Enrollment/Tuition Benefits
Each student receives the following benefits from studying at Lochwood Academy:
  • 39 private lessons throughout the year (Aug-Aug) (35 from August-May & 4 in June/July)
  • All music books
  • Orientation Week Musicianship/Performance class
  • 2 academy-wide recitals
  • Lochwood Music Fest (Studio-Wide Assessment)
  • 7 Sunday Afternoon Recitals
  • (1) Showcase & Awards Night Ticket (for non-Showcase Participants)
  • Awards and Incentives
  • Welcome Packet
  • Progress Reports
  • Performance and Assessment Opportunities
  • National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Club Membership (does not include assessment entries)
  • Discounts on Private Intensive Lessons (½-day or full-day)
  • Lochwood Artistry & Performance Program (LAPP)
  • Ensemble Performance Opportunities
  • Discounts on Workshops, Masterclasses, Camps

  • 2016-2017 Class Tuition
    Musical Theatre I & II      Fall Installment (14 weeks) - $159      Spring Installment (17 weeks) - $199
    Drama I & II                      Fall Installment (14 weeks) - $159      Spring Installment (17 weeks) - $199
    Ukulele                            Fall Installment (14 weeks) - $159      Spring Installment (17 weeks) - $199
    Kiddy Keys                      $50 per month (Sept - May)
    KiddyKeys & Co             $50 per month (Sept - May)

    Classes that have a two installment plan are due by September 5, 2016 & January 23, 2017
    Classes that have monthly installment plans are due by the 5th of each month.


    Because of the nature of the lives of our adult students, we offer you the opportunity to take lessons on a pay-as-you-go schedule.
    Lessons are scheduled on a regular, recurring basis.
    Please try to schedule lessons during the morning or early afternoon.
    With a 24 hour notice, lessons may be able to be rescheduled.
    In case of an emergency, please notify the office as soon as you can before the scheduled lesson to cancel.
    With no notification from the student, lessons missed will not be made up or credited and will be invoiced.
    2016-2017 Adult Tuition Rates Non-refundable registration fee $35
    30-min lesson -- $30
    45-min lesson -- $45
    60-min lesson -- $60
    Adult Tuition does not include books and materials. Required materials for lessons will be the responsibility of the adult student and can be purchased through Lochwood.