Frequently Asked Questions

+ What can I expect when my child comes to lessons/classes?

We know that time is a valuable commodity and therefore we work very hard to make scheduling lessons as easy as possible and the lessons affordable. Lessons constitute more than just a time with the teacher and we will go over some of those benefits of taking lessons with us at your initial free consultation.

+ How long are private lessons?

Lessons start at 30 minutes per week for most students but can easily be modified to fit the desires of the student and family.

+ How long will it be until my child can play a song?

The beauty of music is that anything that you play can be considered "a song". However each student learns differently and the more they practice, commit to lessons and take away information from the teacher, the faster the progress will be. This faster progress equates to a quicker ability to perform more popular/common pieces.

+ How much time does my child need to practice?

At Lochwood we never like to say practice for X minutes. We value quality practice over quantity. Your teacher will usually assign a piece to be played a certain number of times each day and many times that amount is short, especially if the child is young.

+ Can I wait for my child or sit in on lessons?

At Lochwood we foster a sense of community with our family and to that extent, we do encourage our parents to wait in the waiting room talking to other parents. However parents can feel free to sit in on their child's lesson so that they will know what needs to be worked on that week and better help their child. We do offer free Wi-Fi for your use as well as complimentary coffee and tea.

+ Does Lochwood offer complementing classes to the private lessons?

Absolutely! We offer ensemble work, musical theatre classes, theory classes, guided practice sessions, drama, ukulele, and much more. Just ask!

+ Does Lochwood offer performances?

Absolutely! We offer monthly recitals at the studio, semester-end recitals, Annual Showcase Concert, studio festivals and outside performances around the city.

+ I am not sure if my child is ready for private lessons, do you offer group piano or voice lessons?

Yes. We love to have children learn with a friend. Semi-private lessons are available on several instruments as well as introductory group classes in voice and piano.

+ How do I register?

This is the easy part. Just call or come in to set up a schedule for lessons and pay the registration fee to hold your spot. Once registration is completed, each student will receive a welcome pack to welcome them to the Lochwood Family!

+ I still have questions...

No worries. Please feel free to contact the director at 321.355.3757 or come in for a free consultation.