Pay-As-You-Take Program


Pay-As-You-Take Program:

Private Lessons for Voice & Musical Instruments

  • Register at any time


The nature of this program is for those who do not want consistent weekly lessons. The lessons within this program can be scheduled at anytime that a teacher has an opening. It may not and/or does not have to be the same time each scheduling. These lessons also don’t guarantee the same teacher each lesson. Morning and early afternoon lessons are highly recommended. Music Books and Sheet music can be purchased through the Lochwood Store.

30-min lesson $40

45-min lesson $54

60-min lesson $70


Tuition Benefits

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Fall Kick-Off Week

  • Performance Opportunities

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Annual Registration

$50 for first student and $25 for each student thereafter. This is due at Registration. We will not be able to schedule your lessons until we receive this registration fee. Registration fees are nonrefundable.