Lochwood Academy Policies

Music lessons are more than just an activity. They boost academic performance, creativity, memory, and self-confidence—and the joy of music is something that will stay with you through life.  At Lochwood Academy, you can start any time and stay enrolled for as long as you like. Should you need to withdraw or pause your enrollment, simply submit written notice before the first of the month.

Registering new students
Students must be registered through the office (or online) before scheduling and/or starting lessons. Registration form can be found at www.lochwoodacademy.com/registration

Registration Fees
Registration Fees are charged in August for returning students and at the time of enrollment for new students. Registration fees are prorated for new students according to when in the year they enroll. Registration fees are due at the time of enrollment and are paid before lessons are scheduled/started.

Monthly Tuition
To keep things simple, tuition is divided into equal monthly payments -- regular rates for the school year and partial rates for the summer. No matter how many lessons may fall in any given month, the tuition amount remains the same. At our studio, every student is scheduled to receive 39 weeks of instruction throughout the year including summer and the orientation week musicianship class, plus the recitals, showcase, and Lochwood Fest in addition to all our other enrollment benefits.

Tuition Collection
Tuition is collected monthly via cash, check, credit-card or electronic bank draft (ACH). Families enrolled in our Auto-Pay (credit card or ACH)  will be automatically charged on the 1st of the month. All others must deliver their payment (cash, check, credit card) to the office (or PO Box) by the 5th of the month to avoid a $15 late fee. Please speak to the office to enroll in Auto-Pay.

Books and Supplies
As a courtesy convenience for our families, tuition includes music books. As a musician, music is a necessity and many times students require several music books in order to have the needed materials for the learning process. By including the music in the tuition, teachers feel more comfortable adding books and music to the students’ repertoire. It is also illegal to make copies of music and we want the studio, as well as the student, to be compliant to the law. Supplies and books needed for group classes can be ordered through the music store at Lochwood.

Copying music is illegal and giving those copies to our students makes them compliant in the crime! Lochwood teachers should never make photocopies in lieu of having a student purchase music. For this reason (among others) we have made the decision to include music in the tuition.

Past Due Accounts
The office will notify teachers of any past-due accounts. Lessons will be temporarily suspended until the account is settled. Lochwood teachers will not teach the student during this time (if there is a problem paying, please contact the office immediately and let us help). Lochwood will let the teacher know when lessons will resume. Suspended lessons may NOT be made up.

Youth Enrollment/Tuition Benefits

Each student receives the following benefits from studying at Lochwood Academy:
• 39 private lessons throughout the year (Aug-Aug) (35 from August-May & 4 in June/July)
• All music books
• Orientation Week Musicianship/Performance class
• 2 academy-wide recitals
• Lochwood Music Fest (Studio-Wide Assessment)
• 7 Sunday Afternoon Recitals
• (1) Showcase & Awards Night Ticket (for non-Showcase Participants)
• Awards and Incentives
• Welcome Packet
• Progress Reports
• Performance and Assessment Opportunities
• National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Club Membership (does not include assessment entries)
• Discounts on Private Intensive Lessons (½-day or full-day)
• Lochwood Artistry & Performance Program (LAPP)
• Ensemble Performance Opportunities
• Discounts on Workshops, Masterclasses, Camps

Ongoing Enrollment means that…
• Once enrolled, a student stays enrolled until they fill out a PAUSE or WITHDRAW form. These are in the office and online
• Enrollment continues in the summer with a minimum of 4 lessons
• Families will be billed for summer lessons unless they submit a PAUSE form before June 1, 2017
• PAUSE and WITHDRAW forms are located at www.lochwoodacademy.com/changemyenrollment

FAQ’s For Summer
Can I customize or upgrade my summer lesson package?
Yes! Students may upgrade their summer lesson package by taking longer lessons or by adding more lessons.

Can I take fewer than 4 lessons?
A four 30-minute lesson package is recommended, but if you need to take fewer lessons, you can take two 1-hour lessons or any combination to equal 2 hours.  Summer billing will be the same (ie: four 30-min lessons will be billed over June and July at ½ the tuition price of normal installment amounts. For instance, if a normal monthly installment price is $100, June and July will be billed for $50 each month regardless of when or how the four 30-min lessons were taken).

Can I pause for the summer?
Yes, you can. Fill out a PAUSE form before June 1st in order not to be billed over the summer. We will plan to welcome you back come Fall should you pause for the summer.

Is the summer scheduling still flexible?
Yes, you can still take lessons and enjoy your summer too! Each month (or at the beginning of the summer) we will contact you about scheduling lessons for the upcoming month. Once lessons are scheduled, you may request to make changes to the schedule during the month, but only if you give us at least one week advance notice of your request. Rescheduling is subject to availability in your teacher’s schedule. Last-minute cancellations or no-shows cannot be rescheduled or made up. (Exception: One makeup lesson is allowed per summer.)

Reminders...Summer Lesson Policies and Fall Scheduling Priority Summer rescheduling. Once summer lessons are scheduled for the upcoming month, students may request a scheduling change if needed. All that is required is that a student give us at least a one week advance notice of the rescheduling request. Rescheduling is subject to availability in your schedule.

Summer makeup lessons. Last-minute cancellations or no-shows cannot be rescheduled or made up. One makeup lesson is allowed in the summer. Credit cannot be given for missed or unscheduled lessons. All summer lessons must be completed by August 12th.

More lessons? Students may ADD more lessons or take intensives (½ day or full day). All we need you to do is notify the office before the 1st of the month, and we will adjust the billing accordingly.

Holding a spot for Fall. If a student continues through the summer with summer lessons, you will automatically hold your same school year lessons day/time in our fall schedule.

Written notice and scheduling priority. Because summer lessons are part of enrollment, written notice is required to pause for the summer or withdraw from the program. Parents should use the online form or contact the office to pause for the summer, withdraw from our program, or make a schedule change request. If students pause for the summer, we still consider them enrolled for Fall.

Ongoing Enrollment: Summer Specifics
Flexible Scheduling in the Summer
• Though we do ask a “survey” question on the scheduling form about what weeks families would be gone, lessons do not have to be pre-scheduled for the entire summer. It’s okay -- and actually advisable! -- to go one month at a time. (But we request you do NOT go week by week). There is no requirement of how many lessons must be taken per month, as long as summer lessons are completed before we start the new school year.

About Billing in the Summer
• Billing is consistent all summer long, no matter how/when lessons are scheduled. There might be 2 lessons in June, 1 in July and 1 in August, but the amount billed is the same each month unless students add extra lessons.
• Unless the student upgrades, monthly summer tuition is half of the regular rate charged during the school year. There is no homeschool discount in the summer. Billing is on the 1st of the month like always. The monthly payment remains the same for consistency and predictability.
• Families will be billed for Summer lessons on June 1 unless they submit a form to PAUSE or WITHDRAW
• The total lesson time (2 hours for students taking 30-min lessons, ect) can be divided such that there are fewer, but longer, lessons. Students can take more lessons one month and less the next.

Makeup Lessons

Only two makeups during the school year and one makeup in the summer are allowed for student absence. Otherwise, Lochwood Academy has a strict no-makeup policy. This includes “rescheduling” lessons here and there just for the student’s convenience.This is a matter of fairness to all of the Lochwood Academy teachers and students. Please understand that due to the schedules of the teachers, we will not make a habit of changing this policy.

If make-up lessons are necessary due to teacher illness, teacher absence, or inclement weather, we will schedule make-up lessons promptly or secure a substitute. Lochwood Academy does NOT give tuition credits. Makeups for  when a teacher misses do not count against the makeups a student is allowed.

Each semester, there are a few scheduled makeup days listed on the calendar. If possible, try to schedule the makeup lesson during one of the scheduled makeup days or extend the lesson for the following weeks if necessary.

Like everything in a service  business, it’s all about balance - we don’t want to seem uncaring, but to keep from having the office doing nothing but coordinating and scheduling makeup for lessons that students miss, we kindly ask that students refrain from asking for more than one (1) makeup per semester, keeping in mind the makeup policy -- two during the school year and then just one in the summer.

Lessons cancellation procedures for student
Written Notification Required
Parents or adult students wishing to withdraw from lessons must submit written notice to the office before that 1st of the new month. If notification is not received by the 1st of the month, no credits or refunds will be given and tuition will still be due.  However, students will be encouraged to take lessons for the month since they have paid for it.

Submitting Written Notification
Email: info@lochwoodacademy.com
Online: www.lochwoodacademy.com/changemyenrollment

YOUTH TUITION (Private lessons / Classes)

Youth Tuition for the 2016-2017 year is as follows:

• 30-min lesson (same instrument)           $112 monthly (Aug-May)    $56.00 (June & July)
• 45-min lesson (same instrument)           $168 monthly (Aug-May)    $84.00 (June & July)
• 60-min lesson (same instrument)           $221 monthly (Aug-May)    $110.50 (June & July)
To keep things simple, tuition is divided into equal monthly payments -- regular rates for the school year and partial rates for the summer.

Monthly tuition is due on the 5th of each month to avoid a $15 late fee.

August tuition is due by the 20th of August. Because we start lessons in the middle of the month, we highly suggest getting this in by the 10th so that there is more time before the September payment is due.

Multi-student discount  - Yes! We do offer a small discount of 3% for those families who have 3 or more students taking private lessons.

Registration - $35 per student ($80 per family of 3+ students). This is due by the 5th of August. We will not be able to schedule your lessons until we receive this registration fee. This gives us time to work out nearly 200 student schedules for Fall. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Schedules - Please try to be as flexible as possible as we are working on the schedule. The more options you give us for scheduling, the better it makes it for us. We know that sometimes schedules can not be “set” until after school starts so please be patient as we juggle everyone’s schedules.

Yearly Payment - Some families like the opportunity to get tuition payments out of the way for the year. For those families who would like to pay upfront, we will be happy to offer a 5% discount (cash or check only) (can not be used with any other discount).


Because of the nature of the lives of our adult students, we offer you the opportunity to take lessons on a pay-as-you-go schedule.

Lessons are scheduled on a regular, recurring basis.

Please try to schedule lessons during the morning or early afternoon.

With a 24 hour notice, lessons can be rescheduled.

In case of an emergency, please notify the office as soon as you can before the scheduled lesson to cancel.

With no notification from the student,  lessons missed will not be made up or credited.

Adult Tuition does not include books and materials. Required materials for lessons will be the responsibility of the adult student and can be purchased through Lochwood.

Lochwood Academy Cancellation, Makeup and Refund Policy

  • 24 hours notice must be given for cancelling a private lesson to ensure a makeup lesson

  • Lessons will be considered forfeited if there is less than 24hrs notice of cancellation or student was a “no-show”

  • Group classes are subject to minimum enrollment guidelines. We make every effort to notify students of cancelled classes in a timely fashion. However, courses are sometimes cancelled as late as the day of the first class meeting. If your course is cancelled, you are contacted and given the option of substituting another course or receiving a full refund. It is extremely important that we have your correct email and phone number. Additionally, in these circumstances, please note that Lochwood Academy is not responsible for materials purchased prior to the start of classes.

  • A full refund will be granted for classes and workshops when an entire course is canceled or the office receives an official withdrawal form for a student prior to the first scheduled class meeting.

  • A pro-rated refund may be given after the second scheduled class, based on last day of attendance and/or date the official withdrawal form is received by the registrar

  • After the third schedule class, no refund will be granted unless it is a medical emergency accompanied by a doctor’s note


Our policies will allow us to continue to build a legacy of great music education. Please notice that these policies are subject to change at any time with or without notice. This online version will always be the most up-to-date version.