For the serious student, Lochwood Academy is the place to be. Students on the professional track at Lochwood are held to very high standards of technique and repertoire. Theory is a required subject and students are offered extra classes to help with this complex subject which includes theory, ear training, improve, counterpoint and history. Technique work is taught according to a prescribed order so that students will have the building blocks to not only score high on exams but to develop strong playing and performance skills.

The professional track student is strongly encouraged to prepare at the highest level of expectancy by taking the RCM exams, participating in festivals both through the Lochwood and the local school, as well as attending and participating in Master classes and ensembles. During their time at Lochwood, the professional student will also plan, prepare and present a Senior Recital to be performed in the last month of his/her senior year in high school. Additionally, students are expected to participate in extracurricular workshops and classes in order to be a well-rounded student of the arts and fully prepared for University level courses as well as a viable member of the performing arts community.

The basic difference between the Recreational and Professional divisions is that the professional track student is expected to take full advantge of the opportunities which Lochwood offers in order to achieve the highest level of training before entering University or the working world.