Dear Lochwood Families, 

    These past four years have been an amazing time of growth and we are so privileged and blessed to have you a part of our Lochwood family. Without you, there would be no reason to exist. 

    We are always working on ways to create a better learning experience for our students and we know that what gets measured gets improved. We highly value your opinion on all experiences at Lochwood. We ask that you please fill out the attached survey honestly and return it so that we can continue to make the changes that best serve the students and families. If you would be willing to write a recommendation/review that we can use in our marketing materials, please write it on the back of this form. 

    We know that your time is valuable and as a thank you for filling out this short survey, we would like to give you a small token of appreciation upon returning the survey to the office. 

Thank you, 

Alice-Margaret and your Lochwood Academy Team

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