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Lochwood Academy builds confidence in students by building a community of inquisitive minds who are guided by professional teachers in a positive, uplifting atmosphere. These teachers make learning fun but still encourage high-level practice and progress. Through sweet, gentle nurturing attitudes, our teachers inspire students for their future love of the performing arts

Lochwood Academy opened its doors for the summer session in 2011, launching what has become a highly-respected and excellent tradition of performing arts training. With the incredible support of our families and staff, Lochwood Academy continues to provide a nurturing, professional and rigorous performing arts education for all who enter. 

When families commit to providing their children an arts education at Lochwood Academy, we understand the sacrifice this entails. When families send their children to Lochwood, they entrust us with their most precious gift. We do not take this lightly and we promise to be fully committed to providing your child with the highest level of performing arts training in the area. 

As you tour our facilities, you will see how the Lochwood family takes great care and maintaining a welcoming and safe environment; working to be good stewards of your time and resources. 


Alice-Margaret Byerts - Director

  • Private Voice & Musical Instrument Lessons: Open Registration

  • Group Classes: Registration is open for Fall Semester.


Group classes

In addition to private lessons, check out our group class offerings!

Thanks to Lochwood Academy I’ve been able to perform at Carnegie Hall and have been able to improve and participate in other performance opportunities.
— Emily G. - Student

The teachers at Lochwood are ready to meet you and your children. The love they have for their craft shines through in their teaching and they inspire their students with so much confidence and love for the arts. 


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Our Values at 

LOCHWOOD ACADEMY for the Performing Arts

NURTURE - We promise that your child will be a part of a thriving, safe, community of students who are passionate about the arts.

EDUCATION - Lochwood is more than just lessons. We promise to challenge your child to truly understand the why's and how's of the performing arts.

PROFESSIONAL - We promise to expect high expectations from your child. Your child will be given the tools to set their own high expectations for themselves and those around them. 

CONFIDENCE - We promise to help your child develop their confidence as we work together to unfold their full potential and to discover the joy and meaning that the performing arts has for every student. 

INSPIRE - We promise to inspire each student to explore, create, collaborate, and persevere in the process of learning so that they may reach their full potential as musicians. We will encourage your child to dig deep, conquer their fears and go after their dreams. 



Excellent training for aspiring young singers, music students and for musical theatre programs...wonderful summer program too! Best instruction I found for my 9-year-old in the Orlando area.
— Ashley W. - Mother
The instruction is superb and professional; the atmosphere is creative and peaceful. I love to sit in the waiting area and listen to the different sounds coming from the different rooms, be it voice, piano, clarinet, oboe, choir, etc. All the teachers are patient and kind yet offer real feedback so that the students learn.
— Edurne R. - Mother
We want so much more for each and every student and family here at Lochwood Academy. Through this adventure of performing arts, students become inspired for their future with the love of the arts. This is a part of their life that will never leave them and they begin to see the beauty in all aspects of life. 
— Ginny A. - Teacher
Lochwood Academy has a “university” experience in a small, comfy setting. The staff specializes in fostering the talent and ability inherent in its students and helping to nurture this talents, creating self-confidence and encouraging an on-going love of the arts.
— Steve G. - Father
My voice has grown to where it is today with the help and expertise of Lochwood Academy. I’ve been prepared for countless auditions and motivated to do my best and give my all. I have grown much more confident in myself and my ability to perform.
— Alana T. - Student