The dream and vision has always been...

to be a place where the highest quality of performing arts education could be attained at a modest price; A place where both the recreational and serious studier of the arts could find their place and mature artistically at their own pace; A place that offered opportunities to both teachers and students not usually afforded to private teachers; A place where performing arts education
was and is the main focus.

We offer diploma advancement through Royal Conservatory Music Development Program which is an international standard of performance and practical application exams in theory, history, harmony and counterpoint. As members of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC), Lochwood can send students to festivals, assessments, and competitions. In addition, students have the opportunity to perform a solo recital in their Senior year as well as a studio Festival each year where participants are adjudicated for grades.

Receiving lessons from Lochwood will give students the knowledge that they are being prepared for a life-time of performing arts enjoyment at the highest level available. Our teachers are dedicated to offering the most comprehensive level of teaching and expect progress from the students. The nature of our Academy allows our teachers to collaborate with each other and amongst the other studios to offer ensemble playing opportunities which enhance the overall musical education of the students. Lochwood teachers have a passion for the arts and teaching, but even more so, a love for students and passing on a strong
foundation in the performing arts.
The staff at Lochwood Academy specialize in fostering the talent and ability inherent in its students and helping to nurture this talent, creating self-confidence and encouraging an ongoing love of the arts.
— Steve G. Parent