Back from Break

For most students, spring break just ended and life is resuming normalcy. This past week, Lochwood began getting back into the swing of things with classes and lessons, which definitely has its ups and downs!

Hiatuses are very important for retaining brainpower and focus. When one devotes a great deal of energy to something, it is easy to become burnt out. This is why routines and rests in between school, sports, and music are crucial to mental health. Unfortunately, if the break is too long, our brains become accustomed to relaxing and don't want to devote the time to learning--which sometimes makes it slightly difficult to return to working and practicing.

On the other hand, after a break, it can be very refreshing to go back to work once the mind has been revitalized! Renewal provides a greater mental capacity, leading to more productivity, accomplished tasks and a happier outlook on life.

The true key to mental health is to maintain a good balance of rest and exerting oneself. That is why spring break is much appreciated, but why we also look forward to resuming everyday life and the routines that we've become used to.

Author: Kirstan D.