The Care of the Growing Boys Voice

As can be expected, most of the students who come through the voice studio are young girls. Girls with the hopes and dreams in their eyes of becoming a Broadway STAR! And that’s good. I work with those young voices and dreams and help prepare them and keep their voices healthy. They don’t all become Broadway stars but they learn to use their voices correctly and enjoy what they are doing. Most girls find it easy to grow with their voices.

But ….. in walks a BOY!

As a young elementary boy student, voices are nearly the same as a girls voice and boys sing soprano. However, as they transition into middle school, I have heard parents say something like “He’s struggling. He needs to just stop lessons until his voice changes.” My heart hurts when I hear those words and I encourage parents to keep their young man in the studio to work through the growing, changing process. Boys need extra care and attention to their voice as they work through the changes that happen and we give that here at Lochwood. Some days they will be singing tenor and the next baritone or bass and then back to tenor. This change needs to be handled with laughter, love and carefulness and just understanding that this is a temporary situation. Stay the course of private lessons during this change so that the voice is not damaged in any way. At Lochwood we are concerned with the longevity and health of not only the growing boys voice but all voices.

Below you will find 3 videos of a young man who studied with me at Lochwood Academy as he grew from an elementary singer into the beautiful voice you hear in the last video. He has moved out of the state and is missed around the studio, however, we are still growing other young mens voices here at Lochwood. Will you or your child be one of those we help?