Showcase vs Recital

Showcase vs Recital…. what is the difference? 


In a nutshell, there is not much of a difference, however, to Lochwood Academy, the Annual Showcase Concert is a big deal. 


The participants in a recital can be anyone and any level with no regards to how long students have taken lessons. The recitals are a chance for all students to show what they have learned this semester or year and with multiple recitals, not all students and families get to see everyone. Recitals are usually reserved for private lesson students and not too many group classes participate. 


The Annual Showcase starts with a theme that is picked at the beginning of the year and teachers begin choosing material that will work within that theme. In early May, auditions are held for those who would like to participate. The auditions are held in front of 3 judges and are treated not only as auditions, but as a Studio Festival where students can receive feedback in the form of comments and scores from the judges. After the auditions, the judges go through the arduous task of choosing the winners from the auditions. Not all those who audition will make the cut and not only the ones who receive a Superior rating will be chosen. The winners are based on performance, adherence to the theme, the ability of the piece to flow within a group of other performances, entertainment value and other factors. 


Once the winners are chosen, they continue to work on their performance with their teacher and attend a dress rehearsal for the show. There is a script written to tie the performances together and a professional program produced. After the Showcase, we hand out awards to all the students who participated in the Showcase, auditioned for the Showcase and had other awards given to them through the year. 


Lochwood Academy for the Performing Arts is the only music school in the Central Florida area that allows the students to shine in a production that is totally focused and performed by them.


That is the difference between a recital and a Showcase. Look elsewhere on the blog for pictures from this years Showcase.