Lochwood Values: Confidence

In the world of performing arts, possessing confidence is the trait that can turn an entire show from something typical into something amazing. It is the backbone of a character, the most important instrument of the voice, the best fuel toward a noteworthy performance. 

Just as those at Lochwood Academy inspire us, educate us, nurture us, and teach and demonstrate professionalism, they also urge students to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities. As seen in the story of when I first came to Lochwood, I was a timid little creature with no idea of how to present myself onstage as if I actually knew what I was doing. Over time and with tons and tons of practice, it became much easier to perform, but I never would have gotten to that point without the encouragement of my teachers and the bonds between I and my fellow students.

Trusting oneself gives the student an air of self-assurance, and the mannerisms of a seasoned entertainer. A basic tool similar to posture, breathing, and expression, confidence is proven to be one of the greatest self-motivators toward a specific achievement. Though it definitely takes time and effort, Lochwood Academy will continue to push every pupil to this goal--because how beautiful it is to witness someone blossom from something fragile into an exuberant, bold example of a performer!