Dancing through the Decades


The showcase two years ago was a journey through the different seasons of life and the growth that comes about during the changes. We were shown the meaning of sadness and the joy of existing through music and acting that was purely, emotionally driven.


Magic is what we experienced in our last annual showcase. It was a cruise through the beauty of fairy-tales, and a look at the magic of everyday life. It featured songs from Neverland, the witches of Oz, and the ever-curious Wonderland. It was a memorable trip full of fantastical extras and charming vocalists, and it transported us to another place far, far away from here.

This year, it will again transport us--not only to another place, but to another period of time.

This year, it will be a waltz through the decades.

The concert will be an opportunity to skip into the 1940s and rock our way through the 80s. It'll be a blast into the times when poodle skirts were popular and the Beatles were all the rage--and what a journey it will be, to witness the different values and styles of past centuries!

It will also give us the chance to see how much our students have improved over the past few years, and to witness newcomers who have quickly become part of the Lochwood family. Every performance will be extraordinary, and we look forward to a night full of cultural wonder.

Please join us at Lochwood's sixth annual showcase! It will be just as memorable and beautiful as the ones before. Get your tickets now at http://www.lochwoodacademy.com/showcaseconcert