Giving Back

Lochwood Academy has always had a heart for service and allowing students to take lessons regardless of ability to pay. Through the years, we have given away thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards and we have enjoyed seeing the progress of students as they come into our doors. 

We want to say THANK YOU to the community where we are located. Lochwood has been blessed over the years and we don't take it for granted. It has not always been easy to give lessons and classes away (we do not receive any federal grants, finances and we do not have corporate sponsors, or hold non-profit status, etc), however, private donations have always been welcomed and those private, non-tax exempt donations have helped us offer these scholarships.

This year, we are implementing the first Intro To Music class that is open to the community free of charge. Yes, FREE! Sharing the enjoyment of music and the performing arts is at the heart of the mission of Lochwood Academy for the Performing Arts. We are the only music school of its kind in the area that offers a FREE class to all students to introduce them to the arts, and we are proud of that distinction. 

To register and find out more information for one of the Summer Sessions, please go to