2015 Showcase Concert Audition Winners

Today Lochwood Academy hosted the 2015 Showcase Concert Auditions. It is inspiring to hear so many of you working hard and progressing so well. Thank you to all the teachers who have worked hard preparing you for this audition. 

The official judging results are in after an exhausting but exhilarating day of auditions. After hearing nearly 100 auditions the judges narrowed the list down to the semi-finalists, finalists, and finally the final roster. The final selection was made based on quality of performance, Showcase theme and time constraints. Please do not be disappointed in the judging results. As it has been said, music is not about competition, after all. Music is its own reward for all of us who love it. 

We encourage everyone and especially our Lochwood families to attend the May 27th Showcase and support the performers. All auditioning students, NFMC Festival participants and Hal Leonard Competition participants will receive awards that night.

Tickets will be on sale shortly.

Thank you to our judges who spent nearly 7 hours judging today.

On with the show.... 

Congratulations to the following individual/group performers.

  • Drama I Class
  • Elizabeth C.
  • Jada L. 
  • Kaity F.
  • Sydney L.
  • Musical Theater I Class
  • Ansley B. 
  • Cody T.
  • Emily P. 
  • David D.
  • Laurel F. 
  • Abby L. 
  • Sydney L. & Izzy C.
  • Jackson C.
  • Lucretia S.
  • Erin R.
  • Jordan S.
  • Alison H. 
  • Jordan L. 
  • Megan F.
  • Ukulele Class
  • Bianca V. & Kirsten D.
  • Musical Theater II Class
  • Emily G.
  • Anna G.
  • Juliana R.
  • Abigail M.
  • Izzy C. 
  • Makenna S.
  • Lexia G. 
  • Joanna D.

Again, congratulations to everyone who auditioned. We wish we could have put everyone on the Showcase but we needed to stay within our time frame.