Lochwood Values: Nurture

When one walks into Lochwood, he/she is greeted by a smiling face at one of the desks to the left or right, with maybe a few kids milling around and parents chatting. There is a beautiful mural on the left wall with the words, “It’s Possible,” written above measures of music, and Lochwood’s logo painted on the opposite wall. Baskets of entertaining books sit beside the standard blue chairs, and a Keurig brews cheerfully for those who are running late and need a cup on the fly. Teachers stand in the doorways, smiling and gesturing to their students to begin their lesson. At first glance, the room is cozy, fun, and inviting, but after numerous weekly visits for lessons, it seems more like a second home.

In the spirit of Lochwood, the lobby itself conveys their #1 value beautifully: the nurture of a student through education, confidence, and inspiration, stemming from a community and teachers who care.

I have been through many, many classes with several different teachers. Kacie Melvin is always ready with a beaming smile, and Angelyn Rhode with a contagious laugh. Alice-Margaret and Mindy Byerts have known me since I was too small to walk, and always make a point to go out of their way to talk with me and keep up with what's going on in my personal life. With every inspirational message or word of encouragement, I feel valued and very comfortable. I’ve come to look forward to confiding in my teachers about what is going on with school, relationships, my self-esteem, and everything else that comes with being a teenager. Not only have they listened, but they have also taught me how to use outlets like singing and acting to let out all my stress.

Recently, I took on a concierge position at Lochwood, and with that, an opportunity to embrace being part of the nurturing team. I get to see things from the other side of the spectrum--all of the work teachers put into being there for their students, and the time they spend giving the child a place to shine. It is beautiful to watch the studio directors organize events to strengthen their students' talents, and to watch the community grow with every performance as well as every pep talk.

As soon as I walk through that front door, I know that the studio is full of people who truly care. I know it is a place of growth and safety. And I know that all throughout Lochwood and the community it has created, there is a connection—between students, teachers, and families. Lochwood Academy is a place of communication and enrichment, and ultimately, a place for a student’s nurture and the development that comes with it.

Author: Kirstan D.