Lochwood Values: Professionalism

In Lochwood Academy's Drama 2 class, one of the first things the student is taught is how to audition the correct way. The teachers realize how important it is to prepare the student for an experience that is often very intimidating, and walk them through the process of auditioning frequently and thoroughly. 

In fact, all of the Lochwood teachers work to prepare their students for the real world of preparation, auditioning, and winning some and losing some. They also encourage their students to perform in monthly recitals to get them used to stage jitters and to learn to improvise when productions go wrong.

But not only does Lochwood Academy teach professionalism--they also demonstrate the true meaning of the word in everything they do. The way the teachers dress, how they treat the families involved at the studio, and the values that they hold indicate a very upstanding commitment to professional practices. 

Those who walk into Lochwood with no idea of how to conduct themselves professionally will walk out with a much better understanding of how to be competent and polished in the world of performing arts, both by what they are taught and the examples they are given.

Author: Kirstan D.