Lochwood Values: Inspire

Alice Margaret Byerts, the director of Lochwood Academy, is my mother's first cousin. I've been provided with plenty of opportunities to spend time with her, stay with her, listen to her, and ultimately learn from her.

It is truly amazing to watch my cousin work at doing what she loves. She has such a strong, beautiful voice, and I really enjoy hearing her sing. But more than that, I love watching her play. Her face becomes so intent, and her fingers fly across the piano. The music flows through her fingers like she was made to play, like it’s always in her body and she just needs to find the best time to let it out, and when she does, it all just escapes and dances on its own.

She inspires me. Not just to be musical, but to find what is meant for me, whatever I choose to do, and do my very best. 

All of the teachers here are an inspiration. Whether or not they know, they inadvertently show others what it means to do what you love, and to be good at whatever you set your mind to. Everyone at Lochwood is here because they value the idea of putting time into something that will ultimately be beneficial to the student.

Surprisingly, it's not just the people who seek to inspire each other, but the whole atmosphere of the Academy that leads us all to bigger and brighter things. The statement of purpose on their website, the quotes on the slideshow in the lobby, every pair of clapping hands at a recital. They all incite the same sense of motivation and euphoria, which excites me and makes me want to find exactly what I'm meant for.

At Lochwood Academy, I am inspired by others to find myself.

Author: Kirstan D.