Practice Makes Permanent

Practice is a hugely important facet of developing as a musician. It is fundamental to understanding and playing music, and ultimately to growth. However, it can be very difficult to devote the time and energy to practicing, especially when life is so consistently busy. Luckily, studying and playing the music doesn't have to be so dull or time-consuming! Taken slowly, it is extremely beneficial and even calming and fun. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the right track.

  • Never practice it wrong at home. Once you continuously play a piece wrong, muscle memory will cause you to perform it that way out of habit.
  • Analyze the music to be sure you understand how it is developed.
  • Practice for short periods of time daily. Even ten minutes several times per day can add up to hours of practice during a week.
  • Slow it down. If you are having trouble with a piece, it's important to dissect it and play it slowly.
  • Using alternate rhythms is a huge help in training the muscles to move quickly.
  • Using a metronome is often dreaded, but can be incredibly helpful! Timing is essential to music, and something as simple as a steady rhythm makes things so much easier.

Above all, think positively!

You are capable of amazing things, and you CAN do it :)



Author: Kirstan D.