Seeing the World Differently

Participating in music lessons and the performing arts is a huge facet of becoming well-rounded. Yes, it helps to create beautiful voices, but it also does so much more for those who desire to learn and to absorb information to help them grow not only in ability, but also as a person.

Studying music enhances creativity and imagination greatly, especially in children. An excellent learning foundation comes from starting them in the performing arts at a young age, whether it be voice, piano, or the clarinet. Musical theater specifically not only enhances balance and coordination, but also helps to build confidence and raise comfort levels.

Though an outward change in a child is the most obvious to those watching, inward changes happen often as well. The US Department of Education puts it wonderfully: "The study of history and civics provides a sense of time beyond the here and now. The study of geography and culture helps build a sense of space and place. [But] the study of drama, dance, music, and the visual arts helps students explore realities that cannot be summarized simply or even expressed in words or numbers."

In other words, performing arts helps students to view the world through clearer and more innovative eyes. "Creativity is giving yourself permission to see things differently," to quote a man named David Robert. It is more than just education--the performing arts is a gateway to a different perspective.

Author: Kirstan D.