Building a Strong Foundation...From a Sponge?

Children are like sponges.

They soak up the world around them with curious eyes and listening ears. They are interested in life, and they take everything in attentively and excitedly.

Constantly stimulated, their brains are susceptible to all kinds of different influences. A neurological process called synaptogenesis is the reason behind this principle. When a person is very young, more pathways to the brain are open, and every new activity is stored in the brain for later use. This stage of development is extremely important, as it is responsible for storing basic skills and interests in the brain. For this period of time, a child's scope of learning is almost unlimited.

This is why it is so important to expose kids as early as possible to music education. It helps to build a strong foundation for easier learning later on, before the pathways become narrower and more specialized. Education is best enhanced by nurturing while the child is still impressionable and more apt to absorb information. 

Programs such as KiddyKeys and Itsy Bitsy Music encourage a love of music in young ones and give them a professional start! These programs impact children during their most important time in learning development and fuel evolving interests. What better way to take advantage of a child's "sponginess" than to give them a headstart on their musical journey?

Author: Kirstan D.