Unique Techniques for Teaching

Alice Margaret Byerts, the owner of Lochwood Academy, has been teaching for a number of years. These decades of experience have certainly given her the proper tools and wisdom to better educate her students. One of her most important tools for teaching is her use of analogies to illustrate correct musical techniques.

For example, when demonstrating during a voice lesson how to expel the air from the body through the diaphragm, she brings to mind 'bellows,' which were used to fuel fires in past centuries. She uses hand gestures to illustrate the pumping motion of a bellow, and how it brings in air in a controlled motion and pushes it out in the same manner.

Another of her favorites is to take a small laser light and show the two sides. One end of the laser is a beam of blue light, while the other is a vivid, focused red ray. Alice Margaret uses this example to show how important it is to focus the voice and make it as clear and precise as possible. Once she demonstrates visually with the beam of light, the concept becomes much easier to understand.

Mrs. Byerts seems to never run out of new ideas for better understanding. How much easier it becomes to grasp a concept when she gives a visual example of how to complete vocal exercises! 

Hopefully this will serve as a reminder to take these analogies to heart and apply the proper techniques as you prepare for showcase! We cannot wait to see the pieces you have been preparing at your audition :)

Author: Kirstan D.