Tips for a Successful Lesson: Listen

Tips for a Successful Lesson_Listening (3).jpg

There are many parts to a successful lesson that we at Lochwood find to be particularly beneficial for skill development. In this series, the second element we’ll be addressing is the importance of listening during your class period. As mentioned in the last blog post, bringing a responsive and attentive attitude to your lesson is one of the most important aspects of learning!

Not only will your teacher appreciate your willingness, but you’ll also find it easier to absorb information when you’re listening and concentrating on what is being asked of you. Your level of understanding will deepen once you open your mind to the possibility of learning and growing through the wisdom being imparted by your teacher. Though it can be difficult to figure out proper techniques, it becomes much easier once you are truly interested in your art and begin making an effort to get better.

Paying very close attention to your lesson books is also crucial when it comes to looking at new music. Just as when you’re practicing, it’s important to ensure that you’re playing the right notes from the very beginning so as not to get stuck in bad habits.

With the right mindset, a lesson can become so much more than just something to check off your list. It can be a bridge to a wealth of new information, and a chance to appreciate your teacher for their knowledge and skill. Listening well is something we value highly because it shows that you have a desire for learning and improving, and there is nothing we appreciate more at Lochwood than a dedicated student!