Tips for a Successful Lesson: Practice

Tips for a Successful Lesson_ Practice.jpg

Here at Lochwood, our teachers strive to make lesson time as constructive as possible. Not only do we make an extra effort to help the student feel welcome and comfortable, but we also ensure one is given all the tools needed to be focused and gain the utmost amount of knowledge within the slot given.

As a student, you also have the power to make a difference in the impactfulness of your lesson! Being attentive and responsive is always the first step, but there are a few key areas where you can specifically concentrate to gain the most of your class period.

The first tip we’d like to remind you of is how important it is that you practice! When you enter your lesson having studied the pieces you’ve been instructed to work on, and put real effort into learning the notes and reading the music, there will be a definite difference from the performance you would give if you had come in without preparing and practicing.

Some of your greatest breakthroughs may be made at home, when you are in a familiar place and relaxed mindset, and you will have more opportunity for growth when you are not pressured for time.

We also want to encourage you to embrace the “quality over quantity approach” when it comes to your music. Practice a little at a time, but make sure each small section practiced is correct as you are working on it--you’ll find this method is much easier than learning an entire piece in a short amount of time, only to redo it when you realize you’ve learned the notes wrong!

Though it may be hard to get in the habit, practice makes permanent. The more you practice a piece, the easier it will become to remember how to play it, and eventually, to learn new music. Once you put your best effort into practicing, you will reap the rewards during your lesson in the form of less wasted time, confidence in your abilities, and the ease of repetition--and a very proud teacher!